Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I am new in town and am looking to store my boat. Are you offering any specials?
A. Yes!

  • Free vehicle covering. We will put your cover on and remove it for free...prior to and after any trip the first year.
  • One free wash for any vehicle.
  • Free battery check and charge the first year.

·Q Where is Davenport Storage?
A. Davenport Storage is on the corner of Sierra Highway and Davenport Rd in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Q. Can you give me directions to your front door?     

From the San Fernando Valley - Take the 405 freeway north to I-5 north. Take the14 freeway north to the Canyon Country/Sierra highway exit to Sierra Highway. go north (right) exactly 6.3 miles to Davenport Rd. Turn right on Davenport and go 300 feet. Davenport Storage is 300 feet on your left.

From the West side of the Santa Clarita Valley - Take Soledad Canyon Rd. to Sierra Highway. Go north on Sierra Highway (right)  exactly 4.7 miles to Davenport Rd. Turn right onto Davenport 300 feet. Davenport Storage is on the left.

From Palmdale/Lancaster - Take the 14 freeway south to Sand Canyon exit. Go north on Sand Canyon (right) to  Sierra Highway. Then go 2.9 miles to Davenport Rd. Turn right on Davenport Rd. and go 300 feet. Davenport Storage is on the left.

Q. What type of security do you have to protect my vehicle?
A. We have 19 cameras that operate 24/7. These cameras are located within every  area of the 17 acres of vehicle storage. We have video screens in the office as well as in the managers living quarters for instant viewing.

Q. What other types of security do you employ?
A. We have 24/7 onsite management. Our manager lives on the premises full time Monday thru Sunday. We have 8 foot high fencing with razor wire on perimeter fencing. We have stadium lighting system that automatically turns on if there are any unwanted guests. This lighting system lights up the entire 17 acres like a football stadium.

Q. How do I get into your Storage yard?
A. We have an auto gate system that allows you entry and exit on a 24/7 basis. We swipe your drivers license with the gate code so you will never forget the gate code. This system is the state of the art computerized system recording all entries and exits.

Q. Do you have indoor or covered storage for my RV or boat?
A. No, we do not have covered or indoor storage for your vehicle at this time. We do have a free service for the first year where we will remove your canvas cover when you leave on a trip and re-cover it upon your return. All we need is a phone call and you motor home is ready for departure.

Q. Will you ever have indoor or covered parking for my motor home/boat?
A. Yes. The company has plans to build these structures. If several customers desire indoor or covered parking the company will immediately put into motion their plans to build these units.

Q. Do you accept credit cards?
A. Yes, We accept all major credit cards, Visa, Master Card, Amer Ex, Discovery Card.

Q. Do you offer auto pay?
A. Yes.

Q. Are your roads dirt or pavement?
A. All the roads are paved.

Q. If I have a movie van or a recreational vehicle can I get it washed?
A. Yes. Call us!

Q. Can I wash it myself and save money?
A. Yes! We have a wash area for DIY washing.

Q. Are your office hours different then my access hours?
A. Yes. As a Davenport customer you have access to your vehicle 24 hours a day seven days a week. The office hours are as follows:

Monday thru Saturday, 8am to 530 pm

Sunday 10 am to 3.00 or by appointment?

Office closed Christmas and Thanksgiving.


Q. Do you also have indoor storage?
A. Yes. We have indoor storage for home furnishings and personal items or whatever you want to put into storage.

Q. What is the available size of these rental units?
A. We have 8x5 - 8x10 -8x20 -8x40 all on a monthly rental basis.

Q. What is a drive up storage unit?
A. A drive up storage is when you can drive your truck/car directly up to the front of your unit at ground level and unload your personal items directly into the storage unit.

Q. Are your indoor storage drive up units?
A. 100 percent of our units are drive up.

Q. Are your indoor storage unit’s climate controlled?
A. No. these units are 100% weather proof, but not climate controlled.

Q. Do these storage units have security systems inside them?
A. Yes. All units have alarm security systems that indicate when the unit is opened and closed. It also advises us of the time spent in each unit.

Q. What type of doors do your units have?
A. We have the standard roll up door that are 9 feet wide by 8 foot high. All of them at ground level.

Q. Most storage yards limit their entry. What are your times of entry?
A. You as a paying customer will have access to the Davenport Storage 24/7.

Q. If my batteries go bad, which they often do, how can I charge them?
A. We have free electrical outlets every 200 feet surrounding the entire 17 acres. Or, you can call ahead and we will check you system for you free the first year. We will charge your battery for you and have your vehicle ready for departure.

Q. Can you store 40 and 50 foot semi truck vans?
A. Yes. We can handle any size up to 100 feet in length.

Q. I have movie vans and trucks. Am I allowed to work and organize my equipment on site?
A. Absolutely. We have a special area for the movie folks to do whatever they like.

Q. If I store my semi van at your yard can you move it around if asked?
A. Yes. We have a professional driver that will put your van anywhere you like on the property and have it ready for departure or whatever is needed.

Q. Do you have on site waste dumping station?
A. We have the state of the art double dump station. With water and air hoses that auto coil. With water hoses that can be pulled into motor home for easy bathroom cleaning. Electricity is also at dump site for additional cleaning.

Q. Do you have outside bathrooms for your customers?
A.. Yes. Under construction. It will be a private bathroom for our customers only.

Q. Why is parking my motor home so darn difficult?
A. We have created our “easy park system” by making all of our roads very wide with spaces 11 foot wide and creating an angle of attack of 55  degrees, which makes parking very accessible  We also have drive-thru parking for larger vehicles and for those who have trouble backing up.

Q. How wide are your parking spaces?
A. We have spaces that are a minimum of 11 feet wide.

Q. If I have a problem parking my boat/motor home can you park it for me?
A. Absolutely, We have a special holding area for you to simply drive up and turn the key off after your trip and we will park it for you. This is part of our “easy park system”

Q. Do you have an RV/boat store where I can buy misc. supplies for a trip?

A. Yes. This store is currently under construction. It will have all the necessary supplies you may need for a last minute departure, as well as items for your Rv/boat.

Q. Do you have any help at the yard if I need help?
A. Yes we have help Monday thru Saturday.

Q. Can I get my boat or RV delivered to my home and picked up after my trip is over?
A. Yes. We have a door to door service to take the hassle out of a long and tiring trip. All that is required is a phone call 24 hrs in advance. We will pick up your unit at your home and deliver it back to Davenport Storage safe and sound.

Q. Will your company fuel it and clean it and have it ready for my next trip?
A. Yes. All that is required is a phone call 24 hours in advance.