You can rest assured your valuable property is safe at Davenport Storage. ALL activity at ALL times is monitored here!

  • 19 Security cameras
  • 100% area surveillance coverage
  • 40000 Watt motion detection lighting system
  • Card swipe security system
  • 24/7 surveillance
  • Archived camera footage
  • On-site maintenance and security

We have security cameras strategically located at every angle of the property

Over 40,000 watts of motion detection lighting

Computer and video surveillance systems record and monitor all movement within the complex

Security access gate system - 24/7 easy access with state of the art card system.

Swipe your driver’s license for easy use. No need to remember your gate code number.

We embed the code into your drivers license or credit card for easy use.

Surveillance monitoring night and day

19 cameras working 24/7 to insure the safety of your property.